Cheese Tour


For every Certificate III in Commercial Cookery group, the Chef Lecturer organises a tour to a renowned purveyor of fine cheeses “Say Cheese” at the iconic Adelaide Central Market.


The Adelaide Central Market is one of the largest undercover markets in the Southern Hemisphere. “Say Cheese” has been provided the biggest range of local and imported cheeses for over 20 years. In this tour, students explore the incredible variety of cheese and get the chance to appreciate fine cheeses.

Here the students make notes on the range of cheese available and are treated to a tasting of 15 different cheeses with commentary, descriptions and answers to questions from one of their knowledgeable staff.


The group is then broken into 6 subgroups, each of which is to pick 2 untasted cheeses from their category of cheese – fresh, soft, eye, firm, hard or blue vein.  Theses 2 new chesses are then purchased along with appropriate condiment of crackers, nuts, fruits and pastes.  Once back at the college, another tasting occurs along with discussion on all these cheeses.