Imagine your life in the world's most liveable city!


Adelaide is  the world's third most liveable city and is home to people from all over the world. its caring community is what truly makes it a great place to live.


The city is sandwiched between white sandy beaches to the west and hills 20 minutes to the east. Between the hills and beaches are many other places loved by students and locals alike. With so many beautiful parks, green spaces and quiet suburbs, walking and cycling are easy and safe ways to get around. Further afield are other wine growing regions such as the famous Barossa Valley and farmlands.


Adelaide is known as the education paradise of Australia, providing a quiet, safe and convenient environment for international students to learn and socialise. Adelaide offers a student friendly environment filled with large parklands and close to coastal beaches.


As one of Australia’s most affordable cities, students enjoy a range of great food and entertainment. Many large sporting, music and cultural events are hosted in this wonderful place.


Adelaide also enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate- relaxing and healthy. The climate has four distinct seasons in the year - spring, summer, winter and autumn. Below is a guide to the average daily temperatures.



Months & Seasons





September-November (Spring)

20-25 degrees

little rain

December-February (Summer)

25-32 degrees

mainly hot and dry

March-May (Autumn)

20-25 degrees

mainly dry

June-August (Winter)

10-15 degrees

cool and wet



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