Student Stories

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Hi, I'm Mandy from Taiwan. I'm studying Diploma of Business course at Durban. The teachers are very patient and enthusiastic about teaching. The school often holds some experience activities. I believe I learned more business knowledge here . I enjoy studying with Durban International Diploma of business.


Mandy - Taiwan, Diploma of Business
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Hi everyone, my name is Wesley and I’m from Malaysia. I’m a new student of Durban international college and currently doing commercial cookery course. Every staff here are very helpful and friendly. Pretty excited to learn different kind of dishes here in the future. Love the school.


Wesley - Malaysia, Commercial Cookery
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Hi, I'm Wilson from Hong Kong. I'm a Commercial Cookery student studying in Durban International College. It is always very easy and convenient to get to the college due to its location in CBD. I enjoy my study here.



Manhin Yu (Wilson) - Hong Kong, Commercial Cookery
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Hi, I'm Jakie from Malaysia. I'm undertaking Diploma of Leadership and Management course at the moment and I am really enjoyed studying at Durban, everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Durban also provides perfect study environment for student. I would definitely recommend Durban International College to anyone wishing to pursue their studies.


Kee, Siew Chia (Jakie) - Malaysia, Diploma of Leadership & Management
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As a member from a “Chef Family”, many of my relatives are either chefs or running restaurants. When we have barbecue at family get-together, usually I’m the only one who does not know how to cook. I finally decided to join this industry and started with Commercial cookery course in Durban International College. I enjoy studying with Durban International College


Vaibhav Khattri - India, Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality
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Being a person that pursuing professionalism in practical skills, I have studied IT. The idea to learn cookery has started since I worked in a restaurant. I like to study in Durban College, the teachers are very nice. Thanks to their help all the time!




Shivjeet Singh - India, Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality
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